Our Sex DollsSex doll Yasmine 157 cm

Our sex dolls are made of TPE  –   you can see the details on the specific doll page.

  • This soft and elastic elastomeric material imitates the experience of human skin. 
  • Waterproof, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.
  • A porous material that cannot be sterilized, therefore it is recommended to clean it after each use and dry it well. Do not forget to powder it to restore its velvety skin appearance.
  • Use only water-based lubricants. Indeed, lubricants based on oil or silicone could damage the TPE.
  • Reminder: the porous property of TPE makes it sensitive to the development of bacteria; it is recommended to use condom

Our sex dolls are extremely realistic. They have a supple skin texture that resembles human skin as well as a fully articulated metal skeleton allowing the dolls to adopt human positions.  Each love doll is handcrafted.  All our dolls are realistic,  you can practice fellatio, vaginal and anal sex. Satisfaction guaranteed !

Which doll to choose ?

We have a range of different sex dolls and we offer the dolls in a fixed configuration.
Why we do this ?

Most of the poeple who chose for custom made dolls, are unsatisfied. This is because you chose on details, not on the full picture. It will be expensive and disappoint you.

For this reason, we offer you fixed configurations. You will be happy with your doll for a better price.


Customer service and your satisfactionSex doll Demonia 158 cm

Your doll will be delivered in a brown plain box, anonymously.  No one will notice what is inside your parcel. We understand  you have questions about this. Do not hesitate to contact us on service@nokidstoys.com


Is it normal to buy a sex doll?

Love dolls or Sex dolls are common. It is meant for personal use, and commercial use.
Keep them clean and hygienic, and your doll will last long.


The real love dolls exist now for 15 years.

While you can use your love doll for sexual pleasure, you can even use them as a companion where needed. Embrace and spoil her like you wish. It is possible that you get attached to your realistic love doll . You will have to deal with her even though she is not a real human. Indeed, you will need to maintain it, clean it, help it move from one place to another. You can spoil her with new clothes, jewelry and beautiful makeup.

Your love doll becomes your life partner. She is waiting for you at home. She will make you happy while giving you the pleasure you are looking for, thanks to extraordinary sex, with strong sensations.


Is it legal to own a sex doll?

Child dolls without breasts are illegal.  A mature looking doll is legal.  Your neighbour owns one, but you don’t know, cause we ship it anonymous. Now it is your turn to buy one.